Returns & Refunds

As a small local business, This'll Do Nicely aims to supply healthy fresh indoor plants and aim to meet your expectations, we believe in customer satisfaction, our qualified team guarantee to use our expertise and experience to ensure quality in our plants and gifts. 

Living healthy plants are a great addition to any home or office, all plants require care and maintenance. Our products have been known for healthy and quality when cared for properly, as indoor plants require individual care with different lighting, watering, heat, humidity plants will show an effect if the environment they have been placed in is not meant for the plant species. If you’re unhappy with the plant, we urge you to contact our team within 72 hours for a full replacement. For a full replacement, we require the return of the original order and our team will replace it on the spot with a replacement item or item to the same value.

Three Day Return Policy

This'll Do Nicely will be happy to resend replacement flowers at our expense, given the following. On average, most flowers should last between 3 and 5 days. Should your flowers perish within three days of the delivery date and we are satisfied that all care instructions have been followed. To assist us in product control This'll Do Nicely reserve the right to request the return of the original flowers, so that we can show our growers/ suppliers to assist with quality control, or we may request photo images. This is a standard request that all florists ask for in the event of customer complaints. This'll Do Nicely cannot arrange to resend fresh flowers if the original flowers have been disposed of.

Please call our team on 0755363617


This'll Do Nicely strives to find a solution to all complaints, if we are unable to find a solution, a refund may be offered, for orders placed online, Via the phone or instore can be credited back via bank transfer, as our store doesn’t offer credit card refunds. Provided we are shown a receipt or bank transaction. For any instore cash purchases, an instore voucher for the amount paid will be issued, no refunds will be offered after two weeks from the purchase date.


Unfortunately, we are unable to cancel orders within the 24 hours that are already prepared and could be with our courier. All cancellations made prior to 24 hours will incur a processing fee of $20.00.


Due to seasonal availability with living plants may vary in appearance from the pictures on this website to what is delivered. Our qualified staff will substitute plants, or containers if an item is out of season or unavailable, our aim is to create the Item as close if not a match to the photos on our website.

Due to COVID and the spread of the virus our team will be required to evaluate every return item individually. We will not under any circumstances place our clients, staff and customers at the risk of the spread of the disease, for the safety of our community we can deny the request for a replacement/return without refund as all items can't guarantee they haven't come into contact with the virus.  We thank you for understanding these unusual circumstances we face in 2021.